How to tell if someone is appearing offline on discord

Discord is a social platform for gamers so wanting to be invisible on Discord seems like a contradiction.

How To Boot or Kick Someone off a Channel in Discord

That is when appearing as invisible comes in. Sure it only takes a second to log out of Discord but then you could miss important messages, calls for help or some interesting chat. I have been crafting missiles in Eve while mining for ore as invisible and then heard a cry for help from a guildmate who was being ganked.

It was a only a few minutes before I was in my T2 cruiser flying to his aid. I and a couple other guidmates were able to save him and his Exhumer from an ignominious death. Had I not been logged into Discord at the time, I would never have heard his cry for help. Online speaks for itself. Idle triggers when you are AFK for a given time which is set by your server admin. Invisible is another triggered condition that hides you from the channel users view but leaves you logged in.

The first two status are server controlled although you can manually set Idle if you wanted. I have no idea why you would want to though. Do Not Disturb and Invisible are both triggered conditions.

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To manually set yourself to invisible in Discord, just right click your avatar within the program and select Invisible from the popup box. It will remain active until you log out of Discord or manually set your status to something else. The answer to both questions is no. An invisible user is exactly that for everyone. Even the server admin cannot tell if there are invisible users on the server at any given time. This does present a bit of a problem if you run a Discord server and want to know peak time and low time user numbers or when you are planning an event or raid.

So far, most admins work around it and will shout out or DM.

how to tell if someone is appearing offline on discord

Messages, both verbal and Direct Messages will both be delivered to invisible users. Some of us are more bothered by privacy than others. I am of the opinion that if you want the benefits of being sociable, you need to surrender a little bit of that privacy temporarily.

Sometimes, it may be useful to turn this setting off to preserve some dignity. This may be toggled off anyway as not all servers or devices are configured to use this or are able to use it.

How To Be Invisible in Discord

The feature is quite secure and uses decent security to protect your data but is a theoretical weakness in an otherwise secure system.Mentions are a way to directly notify a user, multiple users or roles in messages. The main purpose of them is to be able to get someone into a channel or showing you're talking to them specifically. You can mention users or roles using name.

When mentioning a user directly, they will receive a notification and the message will be highlighted for them. There's no permissions to mention users individually. To mention an user in the client or web app you can start typing out their name, having a selection menu pop up or right click the user and select "Mention".

On the mobile application you can just press on the user's name or profile picture and they will be mentioned in the text box. When mentioning a role, every user that has access to the channel will get a notification and the channel will be highlighted as if mentioned directly. Many server owners like to enable this for a short time when wanting to mention all users of a role once and then disable it again when making announcements to a specific role.

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Using everyone and here allows for mentioning every member with and without roles. The difference between the two is that everyone mentions even offline users while here only mentions users who are online and aren't idle at the moment.

You can also directly mention an user or a role through the ID. The reason this is used is because names change while IDs don't. The client not displaying mentions as the user- or role name can be achieved by escaping the mention.

Mentioning users by their ID is commonly used by bots.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Tyty View Profile View Posts.

Ok so i have a certain steam friend that hides his online status from me, but he's online in his steam profile.

how to tell if someone is appearing offline on discord

Im curious why even be friends then if your just going to end up hiding from them? I say if you dont like someone just remove them and end of story Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. Amarian View Profile View Posts. If you didn't know before, even if you are away or snooze your steam profile shows you as "online". So stop being paranoid for no reason. Boomie View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by amarian :.

Originally posted by Boomie :. I do it a lot as i am really busy, and as i cant really play with any one, as well as i am going off and on the PC all the time, i prefer to be Offline, then changing my mode every few minutes when i go to test something or what ever I also keep my account at times offline mode when i am out of the house, but the PC keeps running If it really boder you, why don't just ask him? Originally posted by Black Blade Card Idleing :.

Originally posted by wuddih :. If your friend is hiding then maybe they are not your friend. Another sign you are blocked if I remember right is if you go to their profile and look at their friends list, your profile has likely been pushed to the bottom of it. That tends to be organised in the order in-game, online, offline. If your'e blocked then I'm pretty sure your profile comes after all of those despite still showing online.

Either way, it sounds like they've blocked you. If you want to be sure then if you have any mutual friends, you could always ask them. I've got a lot of "friends" that aren't really my friends, they've added me because I'm a hub moderator and want to talk about the game or ask me to pass a message along to the developers.

While I'm fine with this normally sometimes I just want to play games so I put the more "persistent" ones on block when they can't respect that. While the reasoning behind it isnt always the same its certainly possible that this person just wanted to be left alone at a given time and its not impossible to imagine you are not the only one theyve hidden from. Normality View Profile View Posts. Same thing happens here. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 7 Nov, pm.

Posts: Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Steam Client Beta SteamBeta. Join Group. Harm View Profile View Posts.

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I've confirmed this with a friend of mine where I show as "offline" to him, but in reality I'm either Online or Away. I can talk to him all I want, yet it still shows offline.

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Changing my status manually will bring me back online as does a restart of the client. Also, it's doing the same thing on his client, where he appears offline yet he's not. Other friends on my friends list are confirming they're seeing the same thing. This only started happening about two weeks ago. Him and I are both on the beta client. The only thing we have in common is that we both have Windows 7 x I'm not sure what else would be needed seeing as it's happening to a few people and there's not much in common.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Alo View Profile View Posts. This has been around for several months already, as far as I remember. The way around to fix that has to be done on every time is to block communication with your "offline" friend, and unblock him again. It used to work on past issues with friends appearing offline many months ago.

This happens to work for me and my friends, but can't confirm that, since I didn't have this problem for several weeks now. I'm not known of any permanent solution, though. If you change your status from "Online" to "Away", then suddenly you're online again, and you can set your status back to "Online". It's as if the steam chat system forgets you exist unless your status changes every X or Y hours I hope they fix this soon, its so annoying!

It's still happening Originally posted by Mark :. This bug is related to accounts being set to private. If you make your account public or "friends only" all friends will see your correct status again.

Not that it's a good workaround Just mentioning it in case developers visit this page for info. Bishop View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Harm :.

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Kap View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 23 Feb, pm. Posts: Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.This website uses cookies to serve you relevant ads and improve the service we provide to you.

To find out more about your privacy on our website, our usage of cookies, or to opt out of cookies, please see our privacy policy. There come times when using Discord without other people knowing you're online is convenient. This guide will demonstrate how you can enter Discord's "invisible" mode, so that your status will appear as offline, even though you most certainly are.

To appear offline on the Discord desktop, or in-browser client, simply click your profile image in the bottom left corner, and then click "Invisible", as pictured:. Appearing offline on mobile Discord is essentially the same as on the desktop version. Click your profile image in the bottom left corner of the screen, and select the "Invisible" option. Pictured below:. Appearing Invisible in Discord Haters can't hate if they don't know you're there! Appearing Offline on Desktop Windows, Mac To appear offline on the Discord desktop, or in-browser client, simply click your profile image in the bottom left corner, and then click "Invisible", as pictured: Appearing Offline on Mobile Android, iOS Appearing offline on mobile Discord is essentially the same as on the desktop version.

The answer probably won't surprise you! Read More.Visit our support site. All Systems Operational. Uptime over the past 90 days. View historical uptime. API Operational 90 days ago. Gateway Operational 90 days ago. Media Proxy? Operational 90 days ago. Voice Operational. EU West Operational. EU Central Operational.

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Russia Operational. Japan Operational. South Africa Operational. Degraded Performance. Partial Outage. Major Outage. Major outage. Partial outage. System Metrics Month Week Day. API Response Time.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office I just wanted to point that out because having google'd it, nobody else seems to have mentioned it. And who knows, some stalker could take advantage of this.

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Just wondering if this was an issue being worked on, as well. Hey there, if this is a privacy concern to some users, then they should block their Online Status to Friends Only. When someone appears offline and they switch games from what they last played appearing offline, it shows that they have since changed games, that has always been visible for as long as i've been on LIVE.

So therefore no, I don't think this is a issue being worked on. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. To my knowledge, this is not an error.

how to tell if someone is appearing offline on discord

For now, as mentioned above, properly adjusting your privacy settings to your personal preference is the way to go. A member of the Forums Support will be along tomorrow to evaluate this issue and get it to the right people. My friend got offline right when I got on.

We're happy to help you out if you have an issue, to do this though, we request that you create a new thread in this forum detailing your issue. It may perhaps be better if your friend who experienced the gamerscore change made his own post though. Thank you! April 7, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site.

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