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Use the Pending Items Preview view to preview draft items and items that are pending approval, directly on the page. Users who submit items for approval and those who are approvers of items can access this view. Users can access this view when viewing approval notifications in the My Notifications portlet by clicking the page link for the item or by clicking Pending Items: Preview in the toolbar at the top of a page in Edit mode.

Note: Do not use system-level caching for approval-enabled pages. When system-level caching is enabled on approval-enabled pages, some items, such as draft, pending, rejected, and deleted rejected items, do not display in List view or Pending Items Preview, the only two views where such items normally display, until they are submitted for approval.

From this view, you can also access the other editing views and perform editing functions on the page. Click this icon to access the page's property sheet. Display this sheet to view required and optional properties. Click to go to a page that you select. The target page displays in the current edit mode. Click to display help for the page this is the link you clicked to access this topic. Note: This mode is only available if mobile support is enabled for your portal.

Toolbar: View Page Click to display the page without the editing tools. Note: This link changes to "View Template" when editing a template. Toolbar: Page Group Click Properties to edit the properties of the page group to which this page belongs. Toolbar: Page Click:.

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Note: The Style and Access links do not appear when the page is based on a template that does not allow pages based on it to specify their own style or access. Toolbar: Create Click Sub-Pages to create another page beneath this page. Toolbar: Edit Template Click to edit the template on which the current page is based. After you click this link, another link displays in this link's place, "Back to Page". You can click this after you edit the template.

It returns you to the page on which you started. Note: This only appears when the page you are editing is based on a template. Notes You can only see the links for actions that you are authorized to perform.

If you do not see a particular link, you do not have the page group or page privileges to perform that action. To item owners, List view and Pending Items Preview display the draft version of any items whose status is Draft. The active item is displayed in all other views Graphical and Layout. To non-owners, the active item is always displayed in all views.

Page Edit Mode: List View

When a page that contains a draft item is cached at the system level, drafts do not display in any edit view mode in this case, List and Pending Items Preview.Use this page to view the content of the current page as a list. On this page, you can add items and sub-pages; edit the items, tabs, and sub-pages hosted by the current page; and perform actions on multiple objects simultaneously.

Only the items that belong to the current page are included in List View. If the page is based on a template, you do not see any of the items that belong to the template nor any of the items placed on template-provided tabs.

To access items that belong to a template, you must edit the template. To access items placed on template-provided tabs, you must display the page in another view mode. List View does not display sub-items, portlets, or portlet instances. To see these objects you must use one of the other edit views. However, a search results list on a search initiated from List view displays sub-items that meet the search criteria.

You can see links only for those actions that you are authorized to perform. If you do not see a particular link, you do not have the page group or page privileges to perform that action.

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In contrast, you see all buttons, regardless of whether you have the privilege to use them. But you cannot perform a button's related action if you do not have the required privilege.

The columns that appear in List View are determined by how this view is configured in page group properties. The page group administrator can select and arrange what columns display in List View and specify whether the Edit link and check boxes appear next to the listed objects.

By default, all page groups inherit the List View settings that are defined for the Shared Objects page group. Changes made to the Shared Objects settings affect page groups where the List View settings have not been personalized. Once users personalize a page group's List View settings, changes to the Shared Objects List View settings no longer affect them. Click this icon to access the page's property sheet.

Åtkomst utanför campus

Display this sheet to view required and optional properties. Click to go to a different page that you select. The target page displays in List view.


Note: This selection displays only if Approvals and Notifications is enabled for the page group. Toolbar: Mobile Click Preview to preview how the page would look in a mobile device.

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Note: This selection displays only if mobile support is enabled for your portal. Toolbar: View Page Click to display the page without the editing tools. Note: This link changes to "View Template" when you are editing a template. Toolbar: Page Group Click Properties to edit the properties of the page group to which this page belongs. Toolbar: Page Use these links to perform various configuration tasks on the current page. These links apply only to the containing page.

For example, if you drill down to a tab, these links are for the page that hosts the tab, and not for the tab itself.

Redigera åtkomst för konton på externa servrar

Additionally, if you have the tab privilege Manage Content on the tab, but not on its host page, these links do not appear. Note: The Style and Access links do not appear when the page is based on a template that restricts users from changing the current style or access rules.

Toolbar: Create Click:. Click to edit the portal template on which the current page is based. After you click this link, a Back to Page link displays in the Edit Template link's place.WorkCentre C Recommend Documents. Manuell inmatning av destinationsadress. Att redigera och radera snabbvalstangenter. Programmering av en grupptangent. Redigera och radera grupptangenter.

Lagring av ett gruppregister. Skriva ut programmerad information. Kontrollera IP-adressen. Att faxa ett dubbelsidigt dokument. Mottagning av fax.

Redigera sidgrupp: Godkännande

Skicka eget nummer. F-kod minnespolling. Att skriva ut ett dokument som mottagits i en F-kod konfidentiell faxminnesbox. Ta emot ett fax efter ett samtal manuell mottagning. Lagring av snabbvalstangenter. Lagring av en grupptangent. Lagring av program.

Att redigera och radera program. Programmering, redigering och radering av F-kod faxminnesboxar. Programmering av en F-kod faxminnesbox. Att redigera och radera en faxminnesbox. Matar in tecken.En del av dokumentationen distribueras i PDF-format. Visa dina roller 4. Om du t. Om det t. Ange ett jobbnamn. Om du vill kan du skriva in en jobbeskrivning, jobbkod eller projektkod. Hitta och visa jobb 3. Visa detaljer om jobbet. A Copyright Eastman Kodak Company, Qlik Sense Cloud Qlik Sense 2.

Qlik, QlikTech. Exempel: www. Kontrollera din kalender. Novell Vibe 4. Visma Proceedo Att logga in - Manual Version 1. GroupWise 6. Joomla Guide 2.

Studentmanual Inledning Spara zip-filen med certifikatet. Novell Filr 2. Om Filr Med. Molnplattform Version 1.I don't know what we would have done without her. Every hotel outside of the city was fantastic.

They just got better and better and the food was outstanding. The accommodations, food and sights we visited were outstanding.

The itinerary we were provided exactly fit our needs. Also, we loved the restaurant selections that had been recommended to us. The drivers, tours, hotels, meals and especial our tour guide Rakel was wonderful. I was mesmerized by the beauty of your country and the kindness of the Iceland people. Klara Lind put together amazing accommodations. Our map and suggested stops were immaculately prepared. We loved it all. Prior to the trip Klara addressed and customized all details to account for all our needs.

I could not be any happier. Our tour guide, was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable and interesting, very personable and went out of his way to meet people's interests. He was a great ambassador for Iceland and Icelanders :) He seemed to know every nook and byway of the country, and knew someone in every one. All accommodations were comfortable clean with good bathroom facilities. All breakfasts were generous, did not miss the all English. Out of town locations were excellent. We received a pleasant reception at the airport and informative conversation whilst travelling to first hotel.

We found it embarrassingly easy to communicate in hotels, shops and garages without a single word of the native tongue. The scenery of mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, virtual deserts and lupins was stunning and ever changing. We had the BEST time, and Maria did an all around FABULOUS job.

All the hotels were very nice, clean, comfortable and had lovely views!. I appreciated that all hotels had a tea kettle in the room to make hot water, and nice hair dryers. We really enjoyed the book that you put together for our trip with suggested sites.Something else that we really enjoyed on our trip was the Svalbard museum.

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It is very well done and we appreciated what we learned here. We have now used Nordic Visitor for 3 different trips. We keep coming back to you because you take such good care of us and give us the trips we want. All of the hotels were well located and clean -having GPS in the car rental was well worth it and made getting into the cities so much easier -being picked up upon arrival at the airport is a great service after having spent so many hours in transit. A long sought after vacation resulted in a fascinating experience, and this result must also be credited to the careful preparation and to the friendly professional assistance of your consultants.

On site, the service was impeccable under all aspects. We still did it all. The quality of the tour guide, Hinrik, added an additional magic to the stunning landscape of Iceland. Playful and intriguing story telling, deep historical and geological knowledge and lots of fun. It created a wonderful dynamic for the group and inspired everyone to not just look but to also engage with Iceland.

It was a bonus that we also saw the Aurora. Currently, people are talking about a one way ticket to Mars - I 'd say try Iceland first. You did a fabulous job, considering we gave you very little time to prepare the itinerary, in high season. Sindre Matthiasson was excellent. He was quick to provide a response to any questions I had and I found him to be very accommodating regarding my requests. Iceland is a destination unlike any of the others we have visited. Given the remote nature of parts of the country and the possibility of weather related issues I found the service that Nordic Visitor provided enabled us to enjoy our adventure freely with a minimum of anxiety.

We were very happy with Nordic Visitor and the service we were provided with. Everyone was very helpful and very responsive. We were extremely satisfied with our experience with Nordic Visitor. We had the BEST vacation in Iceland and look forward to returning. Thanks for arranging a great trip. Klara went above and beyond. We only had one slight problem with a reservation and not only was it fixed but she surprised us with a bonus excursion.But sometimes WiFi connections can be patchy and slow, especially public ones with lots of concurrent users and distant routers.

Thankfully, iOS 9 onward makes use of a feature called WiFi Assist, which will cause slow networks to be ignored automatically, and instead make use of your more stable, faster, 4G data. Of course, if you'd rather be in direct control, you can easily disable WiFi Assist.

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His latest adventure, Super Mario Odyssey, brings him to the Nintendo Switch, where--once again--Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, and little ol' Mario needs to save the day. Unlike the last few Mario games, Odyssey fits into the same gameplay mould as Super Mario 64 and Sunshine.

It presents large, open areas and lets players hop, skip, jump, and buttstomp their way around in search of collectibles. Nintendo has put in subtle little gameplay mechanisms that can help you on your quest to get Power Moons--both obvious and hidden.

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Some of these systems are explained in-game, but may be easy to miss, while others are left a bit vague. We've put together a collection of tips that'll give you a little leg-up, and get you skipping on your way to rescuing Peach. Check out our full review of Super Mario Odyssey, and for more about the game, check out our roundup article containing features, gameplay videos, and everything you need to know about Super Mario Odyssey. You can also check out our roundup containing tips, guides, and things we wish we knew.

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